Temptation – Triggers – Dedication???

I know it’s been awhile and I wish I could come back to you with a profound post to knock your socks off, but I don’t have one. Instead, I have a post about dedication. Or in my case, the lack thereof.

As strong as my faith is, I’m not ashamed to say that I struggle with my walk with God. Of course, God is not lacking on His side, but in my case – it’s about temptation. Temptation to have what everyone else has, temptation to dream beyond my means, and temptation to want a love I’m not ready for. Temptation Is the drug that pulls me away from God every single time, and even though I’m able to recognize my triggers – I still walk away. Why? Because I’m a babe in Christ. Read more

365 Days of Challenges!


Have you ever thought, “Is this it?” Me too!

About three years ago I started a quest of adventures titled #BucketListAdventures. I spent 3 hours writing down everything I wanted to achieve in life (before I kicked the bucket), posted the list on my home office wall and started a plan to have a kick-butt life! Then life got in the way. Before I knew it, I was saying “yes” to every project and I eventually lost me in the equation of life. You would think saying “no” would be a simple fix, but that didn’t stop the feeling of failure from surfacing every time I read my unaccomplished goals.

That feeling stops tonight!

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Which Social Media App Is Best For Us?

I get it! You’re ready to select a platform and begin posting, and here I am offering yet another post about your social media strategy. Don’t look at me that way! You’ll thank me in the long run! 

The reason I keep writing about strengthening your strategy is because I made the mistake of not doing so two years ago. So today, I want to speak to small churches (Why? It’s my niche) about selecting the right social media platform. It’s 2016 and there are hundreds, probably thousands of social media apps in the world to choose from. It’s actually kind of crazy! So I understand why it can be overwhelming when it comes to selecting the best platform for your church.

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How Can I Treat Him This Way?

Inspiration: Psalms 139

You have searched me Lord, and you know me well.
You actually know me better than I know myself.
You were a part of my past when I made the best and worst of decisions,
and you are a part of my present guiding my steps in your will.
You will be a part of my future, yet my days are unknown.
You alone God, are my future, my everything. You are my ALL.

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