365 Days of Challenges!


Have you ever thought, “Is this it?” Me too!

About three years ago I started a quest of adventures titled #BucketListAdventures. I spent 3 hours writing down everything I wanted to achieve in life (before I kicked the bucket), posted the list on my home office wall and started a plan to have a kick-butt life! Then life got in the way. Before I knew it, I was saying “yes” to every project and I eventually lost me in the equation of life. You would think saying “no” would be a simple fix, but that didn’t stop the feeling of failure from surfacing every time I read my unaccomplished goals.

That feeling stops tonight!

How many of you say, “Thank You Lord” when you rise in the morning? I do too! Here’s the thing though, how many of you actually make it a point to enjoy the gift of a new day? Yes, He wants us to work. Yes, He wants us to take care of our families…but He also wants us to enjoy His creation and the fruits of our labor. Most of all…He wants our praise for every moment we experience throughout our gift of a day! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been so busy with work, projects, life and my family – that I’ve lost sight of His gift!

So I’m starting a new challenge and I’m calling it:


Tagline: Live everyday as if it’s your last! 
Tagline: Here are 365 buckets to kick – now get out there and LIVE! 

It’s not a new concept, and I promise you this challenge has been attempted and accomplished a thousand times before. What’s the difference now? This challenge involves ME!

For one year, I will be trying something new every single day! Yikes! That something can be small like, “stop swearing for a day” or “try a new food cuisine”. Or it can be something large like, “travel to Greece” or “enroll in a MBA Program.” No limits!

I’m sure I’ll figure out the rules along the way, but the main unbreakable rule is to try something new (huge, big, small or tiny) – EVERY SINGLE DAY! No excuses!

What do I hope to get out of this?
1. Receive a new outlook on life.
2. Discover and fall in love with Brandi Jo.
3. Inspire others to take charge of their life.
4. Have fun!
4. Recognize each day, moment, hour and second as a gift from God.
5. See the world!

So I hope you join me on this journey! Stay tuned!
I’ll be posting updates in the #BucketListAdventures link in the header!

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