One-Sided Conversations (Pt 1)


One-sided conversations is a series of (combined) one-sided dialogue I’ve had over the years with various people in my life after my rededication to Christ. Some appreciated my renewal of faith and others judged and ridiculed me, but throughout it all, I held on to my faith because I knew that God had a greater purpose for my life.

Sometimes when you decide to narrow your focus on God, you’ll have to leave some people behind. Why? Because living the rest of your life for the glory of God will require a change in priorities, schedules and relationships. You thought committing your life to Christ was hard. Nope, now the hard part begins.

By sharing my experiences, I hope someone out there discovers that we’ve all been there and you’ll get through this too. Just keeping marching towards your purpose, love others, study his truth and you’ll receive your reward in eternity. Always remember, in the end, your friends can’t vouch for you with God. God will only ask YOU what you did with your time on earth. So don’t worry about everyone else…make YOUR time count.

The Phone Rings.
It’s a friend I’ve been meaning to call, but haven’t because of my new schedule, church and extracurricular activities. 

I sigh and answer the call.

Me: Hello?

She Says:
You’ve changed.
You’re no longer the girl I once knew.
You’re never available and why is church your first priority?
What happened to Brandi? What is this I hear about a spiritual journey?
What’s going on? Tell me what’s happening.

Do they know you’re the girl who…
Do they know you once did…
How does a woman forget memories of her past?
Talking about Jesus saves. Where was this Jesus back then?

Oh, I get it. Who died? Are you ill? Usually people only find God when the end is near.
If that’s the case – spend your time with us. Not helping others through service for years.
We’re the ones who had your back. We’re the ones who matter…

You know what? You need a vacation.
Let’s take a road trip, but can you not play that gospel sh**?
We get it. You love God, but we love the girl who used to relate to our sins.
What? Was that wrong to say? I’m a Christian, you know God knows my heart.
I go to church too. I went on that one Sunday…
When was it? Oh, it doesn’t matter.

Are you having money problems? Is that what started all of this?
Yes, yes, I know…God will supply,
But are you really being smart by giving up 10% of your income while your debt is so high?
My other line is ringing, but let’s get drinks later tonight.
Oh wait, what day is it? It’s Wednesday.
You have to go to church. I get it.

She hangs up the phone. Now exhausted, I sigh again and think…
“She’s never going to understand this side of me.”

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