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How many of you have been on one journey your entire life, only to discover God has other plans for you? I am an analyst by trade, but social media for ministries fell into my lap a couple of years ago and my passion for helping churches expand their reach and lead lost souls to God has burned ever since.

When I started this journey, I was by no means a social media person. I actually liked my privacy, but God always changes your perceptions when you find your purpose in life. Since discovering that “Hey, I can do this”, I have received countless opportunities to learn more, networked with people I never knew existed, and taught the knowledge I’ve learned so far at conferences across Texas. To God be the glory!

Please note that I am by no means an expert; but I have a passion for the topic and I’m learning every day through research, and my own experiences as a social media manager for two organizations. Plus I have this jazzy new blog to push me out of my comfort zone every day. I have experienced many ups and many downs, and if I can help others, specifically small churches, through my challenges and successes – then my job is done!

I hope my entries help! Good luck and please feel free to reach out to me below!
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