Day 1: Nadia’s Special

Day 1: Nadia's Special[Tuesday, May 17, 2016]

So these postings are mainly for me, so I can create a keepsake book at the end of my #365Buckets challenge, but for anyone who happens to read my blog! All 3 of you….

It’s Day One!!!

When I decided to start this challenge, I thought coming up with different ideas for each day would be easy. WRONG! It is incredibly hard to think of a new activity to do each day! Like really, really, hard! Of course you have the “Try a new cuisine” days and the “Try a new drink” days, but what about the other 363 days in the year? Ahhh!!! I’m seriously stressing over how to have fun! How sad is that? Anyway, let’s jump into day one.

Meet Nadia everyone! While meeting Nadia is not new, trying a drink named after her awesomeness is! So with the help of one awesome waiter at the Club at Colony Creek, I am now a fan of Nadia’s Special!

Deep Eddies Grapefruit

Nadia’s Special: Deep Eddie’s Grapefruit + Sprite + Lime Juice!


It is deliciousness in your mouth! Actually, it tastes like Sprite, which is a great and bad thing! Great, because I dislike grapefruit. Bad, because I was talking in many circles before I realized Nadia’s Special has some punch y’all!

So two drinks people! I want us all to get home safe and sound!

Since I only drink beer, cranberry vodkas and vodka tonics – day one is huge success! I now have three mixed drinks in my repertoire!! I’m broadening my horizons! Here’s to a great start!

Takeaway: Ask the waiter/bartender for a suggestion and try something new tonight! Be specific about your likes and dislikes, close your eyes and go for it! Who knows…you may end up loving the drink and making a new Instagram friend in the process.

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