Which Social Media App Is Best For Us?

I get it! You’re ready to select a platform and begin posting, and here I am offering yet another post about your social media strategy. Don’t look at me that way! You’ll thank me in the long run! 

The reason I keep writing about strengthening your strategy is because I made the mistake of not doing so two years ago. So today, I want to speak to small churches (Why? It’s my niche) about selecting the right social media platform. It’s 2016 and there are hundreds, probably thousands of social media apps in the world to choose from. It’s actually kind of crazy! So I understand why it can be overwhelming when it comes to selecting the best platform for your church.

Here are the trending platforms in 2016:

2016 Trending Social Media Apps

Each of the above platforms (excluding Facebook) specialize in a particular type of post and they all have a range of target audiences, so it’s imperative your team selects the right platform for your organization and strategy. Here are some factors to consider:

Time Management:

Oftentimes, social media leaders will enroll in multiple platforms, only to discover, they only have time to manage one. Remember, the name of the game is quality not quantity. You are here to spread God’s message throughout the world and connect with each reader on a deeper level. You want to spark a genuine interest about Jesus in their hearts and eventually have them walk through your front doors. You can’t do that if you’re posting low-quality content without value across multiple applications.

Start with one platform, or maybe two. Once you have a system in place and you’re able to manage your platform(s) without it being a chore, add another platform to your strategy! You deserve it! Just remember to stay true to needs of your members and community!


Truth time! Realistically, which platforms do you have the ability to manage? Let’s be honest – when a church joins social media for the first time, they want to do it all! I did too! I was so hyped up on the excitement of sharing our message with the world, that I joined all the popular platforms. Now, keep in mind, I was only versed in Facebook; but I figured it couldn’t be that hard to learn the others too. Wrong! I was burned out within a few months and the church and our readers paid for my mistake.

Take a moment and think about which platform you’re an expert at. Then I want you to decide if it will benefit your members and community.  If you’re a pro at Facebook, then I suggest starting with Facebook. However, if your target audience and community members are not Facebook users, then you may need to go another route.

If that route is using a platform you’re not familiar with – take the time to learn it.  When you’re ready – create a page for your church and share, share, share!


Look at each platform and its purpose and decide if it lines up with your church’s environment, values, message and finally, strategy. A few questions to consider – What is our church’s purpose on social media? Will Instagram help us display that purpose? Will Twitter allow us reach our target audience? Will Facebook work with our strategy?

Another aspect of this factor is to look at your community as well. What are their needs? If you’re housed in an low-income community in need of resources, which application will allow you to advertise and give those resources?


In your social media strategy – who is your target audience? Now think about your audience and which platform they are using. For instance, if you’re targeting users over the age of 40 – Facebook will be your best option. If you’re targeting users under the age of 20 – Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram will be your best platform. While selecting the best platform depends on your time and abilities, don’t forget the end goal is to best serve your readers. Which platform will connect with your readers the most?

That’s it! See, it wasn’t that bad! It’s up to you to decide on selecting the right platform for your church (no pressure) and I’m here to help you consider all of the factors before diving into the selection process. Hopefully I have helped you narrow down your choices, if not, please let me know and I’ll see what else I can do to help!

Happy Strategizing!

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