Just One Question

Experience: Discovering God’s will for my life. 
A question that exploits the inadequacies in our perfect lives.
A question that could muddy the clearest of minds.
A question that curves the straightest of paths.
A question that could push you to stumble and fall.
A question that could reveal your desires and dreams.

One simple question. A question to change it all!

Simple Question

Our lives are predetermined at birth by the hopes and dreams of the ones who have come before us. Governments drill math, science, art and history into our minds with the hopes of igniting a spark; but we continue to wander aimlessly through twelve years of adolescent life. Only to enter a brand new world, and check a box on a form stating, “I will be ______ for the rest of my life”.

We live in bliss. We live in sorrow. We display our adventures. We tell the world of our success. We dare our peers to imitate us and we ask strangers to follow. We confess to anyone who will listen, “My life is exactly where it should be”, and hide our inadequacies and jealousy behind a smile in a selfie.

Then one sunny afternoon, one question turns your straight path into a fork and you begin to wonder, “What have I achieved?”

Opportunity, Responsibility, Elevation, Transformation, Desires and Heart.

We are all capable of achieving each of these; yet we climb…we fail…we climb again… all to exclaim “It’s Impossible!” in the end. So we stand in the mirror looking at a reflection of empty desires and say for the first time, “Please, I need help with my life”.

Your peers say ‘emulate me’.
The stars say “replicate Me”.
The media says “You’re Not You! You’re whoever I say you should be”.

So you turn to professionals and authors who sell you half a revelation, purposely leaving lint in your pockets where your dream should be. New transformations equal new desires, but your old life reappears and now you’re walking the aisles searching for answers in another PHD. All the while, you ignore the light and turn a blind eye to the endcap with a book that says:

Seek Me.
Buy Me.
Open Me.
The answer you need is in the nineteenth book and thirty-seventh chapter of me.

Life now seems renewed with a simple turn of a page, but “that’s impossible” hesitation reminds you; infiltrating your mind with its infamous cloak of denial. So you leave your book at home and find…

Your peers who say “emulate me”.
The stars who say “replicate me”.
The media who says “I already told you. You’re whoever I say you should be.”

Now you’re standing at a fork in the road with self-desires calling you from both sides, when a small voice penetrates your heart asking you to:

Seek me.
Pick me.
I wrote the answer you need in the nineteenth book and thirty-seventh chapter of me.

A small voice says “yes” when asked “Can it really be that easy?”
“All you have to do is trust me, dedicate your life to me, obey me and love me!”

One question. One simple question. No longer a question at all.
All because you trusted in a book and an author who reveals:

“I have always had the answers you were seeking. You just had to find me!”

Inspired by: Psalms 37 

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