Day 1: Nadia’s Special

Day 1: Nadia's Special[Tuesday, May 17, 2016]

So these postings are mainly for me, so I can create a keepsake book at the end of my #365Buckets challenge, but for anyone who happens to read my blog! All 3 of you….

It’s Day One!!!

When I decided to start this challenge, I thought coming up with different ideas for each day would be easy. WRONG! It is incredibly hard to think of a new activity to do each day! Like really, really, hard! Of course you have the “Try a new cuisine” days and the “Try a new drink” days, but what about the other 363 days in the year? Ahhh!!! I’m seriously stressing over how to have fun! How sad is that? Anyway, let’s jump into day one.

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365 Days of Challenges!


Have you ever thought, “Is this it?” Me too!

About three years ago I started a quest of adventures titled #BucketListAdventures. I spent 3 hours writing down everything I wanted to achieve in life (before I kicked the bucket), posted the list on my home office wall and started a plan to have a kick-butt life! Then life got in the way. Before I knew it, I was saying “yes” to every project and I eventually lost me in the equation of life. You would think saying “no” would be a simple fix, but that didn’t stop the feeling of failure from surfacing every time I read my unaccomplished goals.

That feeling stops tonight!

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