Temptation – Triggers – Dedication???

I know it’s been awhile and I wish I could come back to you with a profound post to knock your socks off, but I don’t have one. Instead, I have a post about dedication. Or in my case, the lack thereof.

As strong as my faith is, I’m not ashamed to say that I struggle with my walk with God. Of course, God is not lacking on His side, but in my case – it’s about temptation. Temptation to have what everyone else has, temptation to dream beyond my means, and temptation to want a love I’m not ready for. Temptation Is the drug that pulls me away from God every single time, and even though I’m able to recognize my triggers – I still walk away. Why? Because I’m a babe in Christ. Read more

Just One Question

Experience: Discovering God’s will for my life. 
A question that exploits the inadequacies in our perfect lives.
A question that could muddy the clearest of minds.
A question that curves the straightest of paths.
A question that could push you to stumble and fall.
A question that could reveal your desires and dreams.

One simple question. A question to change it all!

Simple Question

Our lives are predetermined at birth by the hopes and dreams of the ones who have come before us. Governments drill math, science, art and history into our minds with the hopes of igniting a spark; but we continue to wander aimlessly through twelve years of adolescent life. Only to enter a brand new world, and check a box on a form stating, “I will be ______ for the rest of my life”.
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