Infinitely Waiting

Pray Always

Experience: Brother’s new commitment to Christ.

“I’ve thought about giving in”, he said.
he continues…

Life continues to beat me down and I’m not even sure He’s listening.
I turned my life around on a cold bench in an unmarked cell, and I asked Him to show me the way and His light prevailed.
I saw the goodness of His mercy, and His kindness made me a believer.
I now know right from wrong, and common sense is no longer a mystery.
The friends of my past are no longer a part of my future, and I’m happy.
Sis, I promise you I’m happy.
Happy with the circumstances. Happy with the choices I’m now making.
But is this it?
Does it end here?
What about my dreams? What about my passions?
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Just One Question

Experience: Discovering God’s will for my life. 
A question that exploits the inadequacies in our perfect lives.
A question that could muddy the clearest of minds.
A question that curves the straightest of paths.
A question that could push you to stumble and fall.
A question that could reveal your desires and dreams.

One simple question. A question to change it all!

Simple Question

Our lives are predetermined at birth by the hopes and dreams of the ones who have come before us. Governments drill math, science, art and history into our minds with the hopes of igniting a spark; but we continue to wander aimlessly through twelve years of adolescent life. Only to enter a brand new world, and check a box on a form stating, “I will be ______ for the rest of my life”.
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Should I Commit?

Commitment is such a huge word!
To devote everything in you to a cause or person also means giving up control…


blogger-image--606984363What we fail to realize as adults is that when we were young, we would blindly commit to everything.
Our parents,
our adventures,
our causes…
the road of commitment was endless. Why?

Because we knew without a doubt that if we gave it our all, our benefits would far outweigh our efforts. However, there’s this point in our lives between childhood and adulthood that our drive to commit outside of ourselves disappears. We begin to seek the self in everything, because let’s face it –
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