I Owe Him My Life


My life is not perfect, but it’s MY life.

It’s full of lessons, trials, joy, tribulations, grief, adventure, sadness, confusion, pain and so much more.
I have tested murky waters with the tip of my toe, and other days I have swam in the deep end.
I have loved the wrong people, and shunned the right people.
I have jumped into black pits of misery, and I have climbed the tallest ladders to joy.
I have laid eyes on beauty rival of my wildest dreams, and breathed in air so pure – life seemed like a dream.

I have learned that good doesn’t always mean right, and pain always equals hope.
Perseverance and I are on a first name basis, but history seems to always repeat itself.
I have eaten the forbidden fruit, and let the sweet nectar blind my eyes from all that is good.
I have ungratefully escaped death’s grip; and foolishly tested him as well.
I have received love to rival the most infamous heroines, but it never seems to outweigh the black love the penetrates your mind and body.
I shouldn’t be writing this today, but I’m here. Why?
Because of Him.
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So, I know this guy…

PhotoLab_app_FloodlightsFear is a powerful thing. Fear grips you emotionally, physically and spiritually and holds on tight until you grab a hold of something bigger. That could be faith. That could be hope. That could even be love. However, does fear ever truly leave you after you decide to let go? What happens when you get a hairline fracture in your armor? Just like water, fear exploits the weak and slowly seeps back into your life until the dam breaks. Then you’re right back where you started and now more scared than you’ve ever been before.

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