I Owe Him My Life


My life is not perfect, but it’s MY life.

It’s full of lessons, trials, joy, tribulations, grief, adventure, sadness, confusion, pain and so much more.
I have tested murky waters with the tip of my toe, and other days I have swam in the deep end.
I have loved the wrong people, and shunned the right people.
I have jumped into black pits of misery, and I have climbed the tallest ladders to joy.
I have laid eyes on beauty rival of my wildest dreams, and breathed in air so pure – life seemed like a dream.

I have learned that good doesn’t always mean right, and pain always equals hope.
Perseverance and I are on a first name basis, but history seems to always repeat itself.
I have eaten the forbidden fruit, and let the sweet nectar blind my eyes from all that is good.
I have ungratefully escaped death’s grip; and foolishly tested him as well.
I have received love to rival the most infamous heroines, but it never seems to outweigh the black love the penetrates your mind and body.
I shouldn’t be writing this today, but I’m here. Why?
Because of Him.
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