Infinitely Waiting

Pray Always

Experience: Brother’s new commitment to Christ.

“I’ve thought about giving in”, he said.
he continues…

Life continues to beat me down and I’m not even sure He’s listening.
I turned my life around on a cold bench in an unmarked cell, and I asked Him to show me the way and His light prevailed.
I saw the goodness of His mercy, and His kindness made me a believer.
I now know right from wrong, and common sense is no longer a mystery.
The friends of my past are no longer a part of my future, and I’m happy.
Sis, I promise you I’m happy.
Happy with the circumstances. Happy with the choices I’m now making.
But is this it?
Does it end here?
What about my dreams? What about my passions?
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I Believe…

I always find it amazing how the right song can make you stop, tear you down and build you back up in the same four minutes. We often turn to music when we can’t express what’s in our hearts, but music also has this way of expressing thoughts you didn’t know you had. I Believe, written by Kortney Pollard and sung by Mali Music is one of those songs.

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So, I know this guy…

PhotoLab_app_FloodlightsFear is a powerful thing. Fear grips you emotionally, physically and spiritually and holds on tight until you grab a hold of something bigger. That could be faith. That could be hope. That could even be love. However, does fear ever truly leave you after you decide to let go? What happens when you get a hairline fracture in your armor? Just like water, fear exploits the weak and slowly seeps back into your life until the dam breaks. Then you’re right back where you started and now more scared than you’ve ever been before.

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