Infinitely Waiting

Pray Always

Experience: Brother’s new commitment to Christ.

“I’ve thought about giving in”, he said.
he continues…

Life continues to beat me down and I’m not even sure He’s listening.
I turned my life around on a cold bench in an unmarked cell, and I asked Him to show me the way and His light prevailed.
I saw the goodness of His mercy, and His kindness made me a believer.
I now know right from wrong, and common sense is no longer a mystery.
The friends of my past are no longer a part of my future, and I’m happy.
Sis, I promise you I’m happy.
Happy with the circumstances. Happy with the choices I’m now making.
But is this it?
Does it end here?
What about my dreams? What about my passions?
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Changing My Fate

Experience: Discovering a new life after recommitment.

I want to do this, but I’m unsure of what to say.
What shall I do? Where should I go?
Is there a guideline to my actions?
Where do I find the words?

I need answers and you’re staring at me in disbelief.
I don’t already know. This is a new journey for me.
Please don’t tell me I’m alone in this.
Please don’t tell me…it’s just me.

Desire is knocking at my door and my heart is weak.
I want to accept its call and cure this itch creeping into my soul.
But I’m not sure of what to do. Can I ignore the call?
Are you there?
Can you hear me?
Why is silence all I hear around me?
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