Final One-Sided Conversation (Pt 3)

The final conversation!
This is part 3 of the “one-sided conversation” series. I know I said I would have four parts, but I was able to say everything in three. If you have not read parts one and two, please read those first before continuing below. 

As I sit on the edge of my bed contemplating how I got to this point…
A little voice inside of me says:

You say you know me, but I say you knew me.
You’re the people I chose to be a part of my life,
but every choice has a consequence and I’m tired of the fight.

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One-Sided Conversations (Pt 1)


One-sided conversations is a series of (combined) one-sided dialogue I’ve had over the years with various people in my life after my rededication to Christ. Some appreciated my renewal of faith and others judged and ridiculed me, but throughout it all, I held on to my faith because I knew that God had a greater purpose for my life.

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What Is Your Foundation Made Of?

Experience: Reading “The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren”.

Each of our days are made up of moments.
A second. A minute. An hour. A day.
A success. A failure. An opportunity. An illness.
Each of these moments combined make up a life.
Each of these moments combined lead us to a purpose.
God’s purpose for our lives.

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